The “Yacht Bod” Workout Philosophy & FREE Course!

Rusty Moore

woman with yacht bod

Do you ever feel like the fitness industry doesn’t get it?

To me, the fitness industry feels like it is led by former high school jocks…

Personal trainers who are impressed by bodybuilder physiques and MISTAKENLY believe everyone else is as well.

  • “You see the traps on that guy?”
  • “I wonder how much that guy deadlifts?”
  • “That girl is shredded!”

I know better.

I’ve been an advisor to fashion models and have been teaching how to get a slim and defined physique for over a decade.

I’ve never had a great term to describe the type of physique I help people achieve until recently.

About a year ago I came up with the term “Yacht Bod”.

yacht bod rusty moore

I used to use terms like Hollywood body, but that is confusing

Without going into a long explanation, people seem to understand what I’m talking about when I say yacht bod:

Yacht Bod is a slim and defined physique that isn’t overly muscular. It’s a sophisticated physique that looks equally stunning in dress clothes or a swimsuit.

Men and women in James Bond movies come to mind.

I know there is a segment of the population that appreciates this classic slim and fit look as well.

yacht body men

This classicly slim look may or may not resonate with you.

Some people are looking to get “swole” or “jacked”, others want super wide lats to get an exaggerated v-taper.

There are countless websites that will teach you how to get big.

If maximum muscle is the goal, my website isn’t the ideal place for you.

I’m a ’70s and ’80s kid.

Before Arnold movies took off in the mid-’80s, most men were after a slim “GQ” magazine physique and women a sleek “Cosmopolitan” magazine build.

This is a timeless physique.

slim attractive couple on a yacht

A slim and light physique also ages better.

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